Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pine Valley Cahoon Family Reunion 2012

Beautiful Pine Valley 2012

Cahoon Family
Gene Cahoon Family

Burton Cahoon Family

Russel Cahoon Family
Joan (Cahoon) Ames Family

Thank you Gene Family for hosting the reunion this year.  It was a blast and great memories were made.  Can't wait for the next one!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Family Reunion 2010-East Canyon

Burton Cahoon Family

Burton, Patricia, James, Vernon & Darryl Cahoon

James, Rachelle, Ryley, Kyrsty, Annalee & Talia Cahoon

Vernon, Evelyn, Sam, Alex, John, Matt & Kaitlyn Cahoon

Darryl, Andrea, Ashlyn & Tyler Cahoon

Gene Cahoon Family

Andy, Wendy, Cameron, Tyler & Sarah Cox

Kenneth, Jared & Tanner Cahoon

Gary, Garrett & Grayden Cahoon

Steve, Julie, Brian, Ashley, Justin & Alex Peine

Brett, Helana, Joseph, Nathan, & Arianna Cahoon

Stephen & Joan Ames

Stephen, Muriel, Cree, Mikael, Cade & Audrey Ames

Brad, Cindy, Dawson & Samantha Schmidt

Randy, Cherlynn, Heather & Cody Ames

Kim, Brooklyn, Calvin & Croy Fagergren

Richard, Mandy, Jeff & Andrea Ames

Sandra & Zoe Smith

Russel Cahoon Family

Russel & Janice Cahoon

Jared, Kathy, Kennedy & Emma Cahoon

Justin, Jenny & Chase Cahoon

Josh, Jenna & Ailey Ray

Monday, July 28, 2008

Family Reunion Slide Show

I want to thank everyone for coming to the reunion. Here is the slide show I promised. I'm not a pro at this yet (someday). Let me know if I need to change anything.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This letter just went out to everyone today

Dear Cahoon Family,

We are excited about our family reunion. It’s been a very long time since we’ve seen everyone. We will be meeting Thursday, July 24, 2008 through Sunday, July 27, 2008 at Steve and Joan’s family property. We would love to meet your spouses, kids, grandkids, and get reacquainted with you. Please bring a genealogy family group sheet (included) for your family. Please make 4 copies, one for you and one for each family group.

We would like to have a nice big meal Friday night and a traditional Cahoon sourdough pancake breakfast Saturday morning. We would like each family group to bring a meal (along with paper products and utensils) for Friday night big enough for their own family. We will put everyone’s together and make a buffet. Your meal should include a main dish, side dish and dessert. Each family will be assigned part of the breakfast to bring for everyone. Contact your family group representative to make further arrangements for the meals.

After breakfast on Saturday morning, we are going to have an auction to help pay for the next family reunion. You don’t need to buy anything. Bring used items that you are willing to donate towards this event. The money raised will be put into a bank account under the Cahoon family name. Suggested items could be homemade items, nonperishable food, toys, family heirlooms, camping supplies, books or clothes. These are just ideas, you can bring anything that you feel others might want or need.

We are hoping to have a fun campfire round up Friday night. Please come with family memories of spending time with Grandma and Grandpa. These memories could be about something you did together or time you spent at their home. We also want to learn more about each of you. What is your family story. How did you met your spouse and fun things about your children or grandchildren and future plans.


Steve and Joan’s family property is located in Fairview, Utah at the Skyline Mountain Resort. Fairview is located off Highway 89 in Sanpete County. The best way to find it would be to go to http://www.mapquest.com/. You can type in your address as your starting point and Fairview, Utah as your destination. It will give you step by step directions.

Once in Fairview, the main road is State Street. At the south end of town, the last street that turns east is 3rd South or Mountainville Highway. Turn east on Mountainville Highway and follow to about 650 East were the road naturally turns south. That is the dark green line on the map below. Follow the road to the big sign that reads, Skyline Mountain Resort. When you turn into the Resort, take the road to your left over the bridge. Follow that road past the swimming pool. You need to go straight towards the gates. Don’t turn right, it’s a dead end at the pavilion. We have to open the gates for you. I will go down every hour on Friday to let you in. You can also follow any other cars in. Just stay with in a few feet of the car in front of you. The gates have sensors and as long it senses something there, it won’t close. We tried to get a temporary code that you could type in or have them leave the gates open that weekend but that wasn’t a possibility. I hope that this isn’t too much of a hassle.

Steve and Joan’s property is exactly 3.5 miles from the gate. Once inside the gate, follow the paved road up to the dirt road. The dirt road is Birch Creek Rd. Stay on Birch Creek Rd. You’ll run in to an area called Legacy. Continue to follow Birch Creek. You’ll know you are close when you see a dead end sign. Keep going straight up a hill past the dead end sign. The turnoff into the property is at the end of the cement barriers on the side of the road. Turn at the sign “Ames Acres” and follow the road to the open common area. I will also place signs on the road point the direction to go.

If you have any questions, feel free to call. Steve and Joan (801) 254-0285 or Kim (801) 966-8823.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Jenna Rae, Kim Fagergren, Brett Cahoon and Burton Cahoon

Thursday, May 1, 2008

OK- Here is what I need from families.

We have decided a date... It will be July 23rd-27th. Which is a Wednesday to Sunday. We are letting people decided when they want to come and if they would like to make it a fun long weekend then they have that option. But for those who can only come up for the main events we would love to have you there!!!!

We are going to have a dinner Friday night around 6:30 p.m. the time we haven't finalized. But I think we are going to dutch oven something. We will be planning this next weekend. ( any ideas for dinner)

Then we are going to have a big family breakfast... then we are going to do a auction after that around 10:00 a.m. ( needing ideas for breakfast) ( we were thinking breakfast burritos.)

Auction- we want to have fun with this. We are basically donating things to be auctioned off to fund to reunion. We are looking for the following.... Items that you just want to get rid( extra household items that are not used.. extra fun bargains. We would like handmade items also, we know we have some talented family members. We would like things for kids, extra toys that are not being used anymore. Decorations, quilts, pictures... gift baskets, anything be creative!!!

The food will be provided for the big events. But we have planned that if you would get with your family's.. Like example. My family, My parents and brother and sisters and there kids will plan on cooking together and providing dinners together. Does this sound good for everyone? We just would like it to be easy for everyone.

We will be having a meeting here in a week or so... And we would love for everyone's idea's back.. so we can plan

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hey everyone-

So I haven't heard any feed back until today.. So how about in july??

Sunday, January 13, 2008

More information-

So after contacting everyone with information, and hearing back from some of the family.. here is the update. I heard from Brett that Rod and Julia turned in there papers for a mission... YEAH... I am excited.. I cannot wait to hear where they are going. But I also heard from Brett, that his family will be all here August 7Th,8Th,9Th. So here is couple suggestions. I was thinking some of the people would like a longer camping weekend then just an overnighter. This would be nice for the family coming long distance. Another thing is everyone really likes the property idea of Joan and Steve's.. I think why is because it cuts down cost and we could see each other longer. Any if people would like to have just one night thing together as a family, then the people who couldn't' come for the whole 3 days could at least come for the auction and dinner? So that could be Friday night... Then the ones that couldn't' camp that long or get off work could at least attend some of the fun. Also many would like to make this a yearly thing. Then by going to the property the first year, we could save up money by doing and auction for the next year.. and try some where new. But most have been satisfied with what we have planned so far. As for Brett's family they would love for us to consider August..And for my family, we are going to have a new baby in the family in may. So a few months old would be great.. By the way (I am not the one pregnant, Justin and Jenny are going to be having a baby boy.) So here is the suggestions, is anyone up for it????
  • August 7-9 Thursday, Friday, Saturday.
  • Joan and Steve's Property

So I have a rust estimate on head count for my family (11-12), and Brett's (21)

Any questions or ideas?